The value of The Ukuphumelela Trust is “move, learn, succeed”

We also believe that sport provides “education through motion”


Getting community members to start getting active & learning.


Increase their skills levels and education.


Achieve their goals, degrees, obtain jobs, own businesses.

Investment Targets

Sports Classes & Training in Schools

To support enterprises to provide Physical Education and after School Sport to schools in underprivileged areas

High Performance Athlete & Talent Scouting

To support enterprises to provide high performance coaching and support to talented athletes to represent their school, Province and nation

Professional Development Opportunities for Adults

To support individuals and provide education opportunities in accredited workshops, courses and degrees, as well as entrepreneurial skills to start and manage their own businesses.

Large Sports Events for Schools

To provide opportunities for schools and communities to play sport against each other, as well as national and international tournaments and training camps all with the aim of nation building and encouraging mutual respect.

About the Ukuphumelela Trust

The Ukuphumelela Trust was established to help people from underprivileged backgrounds to reach their dreams using sport as a medium.

  • getting them to play sports;
  • further their education;
  • find employment; and
  • use sports to improve community cohesion.

The Ukuphumelela Trust is looking for like-minded individuals and business to assist in the socio-economic development of the underprivileged communities by investing with us.


The Ukuphumelela Trust can assist your company to score 10 BEE points towards your scorecard through our Trust and our service providers.

BEE investing is available in the following formats:

5 points

Socio-Economic Development Investment

5 points

Enterprise Development Investment

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@jump_it_ropeskipping sharing their knowledge of #ropeskipping with a workshop with teachers involved with Action Volunteer Africa

#leadershipdevelopment #trainthetrainer #movelearnsucceed

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1 month ago

The Ukuphumelela Trust

Join Jump It Rope Skipping Academy for their holiday camp, keeping her kids of Khayelitsha active and safe in the school holidays

#jumprope #movelearnsucceed #BangisoDriveHub #ropeskipping #activekids #safekidsJump It holiday gym is around the corner please send your child at our Safe Hub where we keep them safe for these holidays with fun activities at Andile Msizi community centre.

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