About the Ukuphumelela Trust

The Ukuphumelela Trust was established to provide people from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa to reach their dream using sport as a medium, as well as assist with social cohesion in the community.

The Ukuphumelela Trust is involved in supporting service providers to bringing sport to underprivileged schools in the form of Physical Education (practical part of Life Orientation) as well as after school sport. Learners being involved in sport assists them with their intellectual growth for school, as well as teaches them disciplines, team work, goal setting, individual work as well as overall health and fitness. Schools will also take part in inter-school tournaments.

Ukuphumelela also assists with educating adults from these communities through sport, from coaching courses through specific sporting federations, eg South African Gymnastics Federation, as well as Assistant Coaching diploma’s (NQF Level 4) through Gym Wizards Academy. Ukhupumelela is also going to be training Physical Education Teachers through UWC Sport and Recreation and Exercise Science undergratuate and post graduate degrees, with further opportunities for adults to do their Masters and PHD degrees. Further Ukuphumelela will utilise the services of Donny Jurgens Development Services to further support our service providers and individuals to start, sustain and grow their own businesses.

Ukuphumelela will also work with our service providers to host events that will bring the recipients of their projects together to show off their talents, learn from each other and have further opportunities to succeed.

The Ukuphumelela Trust is looking for like-minded individuals and business to assist in the socio-economic development of the underprivileged communities by investing in our service providers projects with us.


Francois Vermaak; Carlo Swanepoel; Rikus Walters; Anne Vermaak

Service Providers

  • Flairs Sports Academy – sport in schools and events
  • Jump It Rope Skipping Academy – sport in schools and high performance training
  • Movement Development Project – life orientation in schools and international internships
  • Gym Wizards – Basic gymnastics coaches Education and Training on a continuous basis
  • Donny Jurgens Development Services – Education and Training in entrepreneurial skills and community cohesion
  • SAGF – Education and Training of coaches and judges in the gymnastics disciplines
  • CPUT – Education and Training of Sports Managements students and internships
  • UWC – Education and Training of Life Orientation Teachers, plus Masters and PHD Bursaries for research within the projects