Sports in Schools

Sport in Schools Program

The two service providers who have projects providing sport in schools are Flairs Sports Academy and Jump It Rope Skipping Academy.

Flairs’ vision is to see a generation of young people reaping the benefits of a disciplined and healthy lifestyle using gymnastics as a tool to improve strength, coordination, discipline, individual  & team work, respect and self confidence. Their core values are “fun, fitness and friendship” in the Flairs family and that “Gymnastics is for everyone” (taking the dis out of disabled). They currently have projects running in Hanover Park, Gugulethu, Claremont and Stellenbosch Farms.

Jump It’s vision is to promote the sport of Jump Rope within the community of Khayelitsha, to help steer the children away from the negative social problems that challenge the communities and assist in providing Physical Education (as part of Life Orientation) in the local schools.

Aims of the program

Flairs is headed up by a team of coaches who have seen their way out of gangsterism, alocohism and drugs in the townships to achieve representing their country, education and employment, all through sport, most notably Rope Skipping. Flairs wishes to give more children from the townships this opportunity.


High Performance

Jump It Rope Skipping Academy, Chairman Masixole Felani, who was the Rope Skipping Junior World Champion in 2006,  is working with 15 young promising Rope Skippers who hail from Khayeltsha. These boys train everyday with the aim of representing their Province at the National Championships and one day representing South Africa at the World Championships. Masi has also initiated a talent ID group of young skippers selected from the local schools who train twice a week in SAGF Level 1-3 programs.

Aims of the program

The aim of the program is to assist these boys to reach their dream in assisting with the cost of training, competitions and correct medical and sport science backing. These boys would also form the foundation for future coaches in the various Rope Skipping projects.


Movement Development Program

The Movement Development Program was started by two students from AVANS University in the Netherlands who assisted with the practical component of Life Orientation (Physical Education) and after-school sport at Sinenjongo High School. They also got equipment donated from Sports for Children Trust in the Netherlands for the school.

The project grew with the inclusion of the Western Cape Gymnastics Association, the University of Western Cape, CPUT and Play Sport 4 Life becoming involved and then ultimately falling under the Ukuphumelela Trust.

CPUT Sports Management Students have also joined the project as interns.

The project provides a wonderful opportunity for international liaison of students from the Netherlands and South Africa to work and learn from each other.

The project has further assisted to create a consortium between 3 local and 3 international universities with EU funding to provide an online e-learning tool for physical education, as well as international liaisons between university students.

Aims of the program

The aim of the program is to provide each school with a practical Life Orientation teacher who will also concentrate on after-school sport. This teacher will also assist with the students from UWC and AVANS who will conduct research and practical hours at the two schools.

The program would also like to offer one Masters and one PHD student bursary per year specifically for the project. These students would work within the program, assisting with supervision and development of the prorogram, as well as carrying out necessary academic research.

The program also makes provision for marketing students to work within the program and Trust to give them necessary experience and research opportunities.